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Ground Chicken, Goat's Milk, and Lamb Patties - Oh my!

Anyone else a little behind on their New Year's Resolutions? Admittedly, we are too in this house. Wintertime, never mind living and working at a hospital during a pandemic, usually wreaks havoc on our diets - even the dogs' diets! So we're making the switch. To raw.

It's really not as scary as it sounds. When I decided to commit to raw, I had nightmares of plating fish heads, unhatched quail chicks, and whole chickens (feathers and all!) to feed to the dogs. Lucky for us, it doesn't have to be that way, although I'm sure there'd be absolutely zero complaints from our canine family members. Nope, Ivy and Tulsi still get the benefits of raw food and I can avoid gagging while preparing their dinner.

After Ivy's second cancer surgery I dabbled with the idea of feeding raw. Nothing ever materialized (because sometimes I dream too big and my motivation is too small), but when Rolling Meadows Raw opened a storefront near me, there was no more room for excuses. I stopped in for a consult and Michelle talked me through all the ingredients I'd need for a raw diet starter. We decided on ground chicken for Tulsi, lamb for Ivy (she's got a sensitive belly), some fermented goat's milk, and beef crumbles for a topper. Sounds good huh? The dogs think so.

While it took a little convincing, especially with my picky eater Ivy, we're well on our way to fully making the switch to raw. Kibble is still a staple but more of a crutch I'd say - we're taking things slow - but thanks to our friends at RMR we're not in it alone! If you're in the Burlington Vermont area, definitely stop in and say hi to Dani and Michelle at Rolling Meadows Raw. And don't forget to pick out a new toy or chew for your pups while you're there (because honestly, are you even a dog mom - or dad - if you come home from a pet store without a new toy?!).

P.S. When you check out their website, peep the cutie patootie Golden Retriever, Tulsi on the top of their page! We think she's kinda awesome ;)

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