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Missed Shots

We unexpectedly lost one of our four-legged family members last week and I wish I could say this is a photo of her, but it's not.

Niabi was much taller, more regal, had a darker mane, and a whole lot more attitude than little Lily here. For 15 years she graced our family with her presence, beginning when I was in college and decided it'd be a good idea to rescue untrained foals from the PMU industry (more about that here if you're curious as to what it entails. Disclaimer: it's upsetting to say the least).

After she passed away I thought I'd commission an artist, who does amazing work in pencil, to create a drawing of her. Unfortunately I had ZERO really good, detailed photos of her. Over 15 years I didn't even think to do a photoshoot with her till it was too late.

As a photographer and a horse mom, I'm so disappointed in myself. I thought for sure we had another 15 years to go with her but that just wasn't the case. I was too late. Don't let opportunity slip by - take those photos and videos and post 'em on social media. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. The rest of us will enjoy them too. Need help with your photos? I'm here for you. Learn from my mistakes and don't let those good years slip by. Hold your critters tight. XOXO

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