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Gone. But DEFINITELY not forgotten.

I lost my girl in December. It was awful. By far the worst thing I've gone through in my time on this planet. Stella was the BEST dog. She was always smiling, happy to see everyone, and not a mean bone in her body. We had a good 12 years with her, and ten days before Christmas her life here came to an end. I feel greedy wishing I had just one more day or one more week or that she was here at least for the holidays. But how can you not wish for more time with someone you love?

One thing I am not left wishing for is more photos of her though. She was a great subject for pictures. Like I said - she was always smiling! There will forever be an empty spot in my heart where Stella belonged but my walls aren't empty. Nope. She's gracing us with her presence daily. And that's what I'm going to hang on to. Those memories of her when she was feeling well enough to eat apples under the trees in the yard and roll around in the dirt. I'm for sure gonna miss her, but I know she'll always be with me.

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