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Learning New Tricks

Whoa. This is big. (And kind of scary.) I registered a business, built a website, and bought a new camera - all in one weekend. The same weekend I'm on call for my "real job." The thing is, my real job isn't REALLY what I want to do. I'd rather play with animals outside all day than be cooped up in a hospital with no windows and chock-full of people who don't really want to be there. My dad would probably say, "Yeah, your retirement account will be 'gone to the dogs' if you leave that real job." But this old dog is ready to learn some new tricks and provide a service to pet owners that is really meaningful. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new website, I can't wait to show you what I create!

- Jillian

Me and my loves (Sy, Stella, and Ivy!)

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